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  • The Management reserves the right to admit or refuse pupils seeking admission to the school. Similarly, the Management decides when the question of retaining a student in the class arises.
  • No child less than 2.8 years old on the first day of the academic year will be admitted to Rosebud. At the time of admission, attested photocopies of the following documents should be attached with the application form:
    • Birth certificate from Corporation/Municipality/Panchayat as proof of age (once admitted NO CHANGE OF DATE OF BIRTH WILL BE ENTERTAINED.)
    • Last Report Card of the Previous School (where applicable)
    • Original Transfer Certificate from the school last attended.
    • Caste Certificate ( where applicable)
  • Pupils seeking admission in higher classes may be tested on the syllabus of the standard below the one to which they seek admission.
  • Admission is formally completed only when the form has been filled and submitted with all relevant documents to the office, school dues are paid and the form is signed by the principal. Payment of fees, writing the entrance test or an interview does not necessarily mean that admission is granted.
  • Admission cannot be claimed as a matter of right. Any attempt to use influence, unfair means or recommendation for admission, will lead to automatic disqualification. The school does not have any agents for admission.

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  • Promotion to next class depends on the whole year’s work, on regular attendance, on the overall development and ability to cope with the next step in the Student’s Education.
  • Evaluation of the academic performance will be based on the tests and examinations conducted and the assignments allotted from time to time.
  • A student must obtain 40% in all the subjects in order to be eligible for promotion to the next class.
  • Consideration will be shown for co-curricular and extra-curricular achievements.
  • Only those students with a minimum of 75% attendance of the working days during each academic year will be considered for promotion.
  • Absentees at an examination will be considered as having failed unless it is established that their absence was due to illness.
  • No special arrangements will be made for pupils who for any reason are absent from the examination and there is no provision for retests.
  • The decision of the school authorities will be final with regard to promotions.
  • The school will not be responsible for parents’ failure to see the answer scripts of their wards on the scheduled day. It is to be noted no answer scripts should be shown after that day under any circumstances.

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  • Application for Transfer Certificate must be given in writing in the prescribed form by the parents. A calendar month’s notice of withdrawal must be given.
  • In the event of withdrawal of a student from the school, all dues must be cleared before Transfer Certificate is issued.
  • A fee of Rs.500 will be charged for the issue of Transfer Certificate.

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  • The School Management reserves itself the right to dismiss students who continuously fail to make satisfactory progress in their studies or whose conduct is, in a way, detrimental to the orderly life of the school.
  • Those students failing twice in the same class or failing twice in three consecutive years will not be allowed to continue in the school.
  • Use or attempt to use unfair means in exams, tests and assignments are sufficient cause for dismissal.
  • The wards of those parents/guardians who obstruct the smooth functioning and vitiate the academic atmosphere of the school through their acts of omissions and commissions shall be liable to be dismissed from the school.
  • Smoking, bringing and consuming alcohol or narcotic drugs, disrespect towards the staff, bad moral influence, and contempt of authority and willfully damaging school property will lead to the dismissal of the students from the school.
  • A student repeating a class for two consecutive years will have to be withdrawn from the school.

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  • All fees should be paid strictly as scheduled(as mentioned in the school diary).
  • A delay beyond two months in the payment of fees renders a student’s name liable to be struck off the rolls.
  • No deductions are made for vacations or broken periods.
  • Pupils will not be allowed to sit for terminal or final examinations unless the fees have been paid to date.
  • There may be an annual increase of fees every year if necessary.
  • The fee schedule and other changes are intimated to the parents separately and may change as and when necessary.
  • If fees are not paid on or before the last date a fine of Rs.100/- will be charged for every each month.
  • Pupils whose fees are 3 months in arrears will have their names struck off the rolls. They may be re-admitted on payment of arrears.
  • For the review of answers scripts or marks verification of term examination, guardians have to deposit Rs. 100/- for each subject along with an application. Application have to be submitted within 3 working days from the result distribution. Only the guardians present on the evaluated answer scripts showing day will be entertained for the review. Verification charge is non refundable at any circumstances.
  • I-card, school syllabus, school belt,school diary and library card will be supplied free of cost at the time of admission. An amount will be charged for duplicate.

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  • Punctuality and regularity in attendance, proper school uniform, and gentlemanly/ladylike behaviour in and outside school is always expected of every Patrician. In all these matters, the parents co-operation is expected at all times
  • Students must make it a point to see that they have their school diary,identity card, prescribed texts & notebooks.
  • The management reserves the right to dismiss students who continually fail to make satisfactory progress in their studies, or whose conduct is in any way detrimental to the orderly life of the school.
  • Pupils must stand up smartly and greet teachers who enter the classroom. They must also stand when the teacher leaves the classroom.
  • Honesty is expected of every pupil. If a pupil finds something which does not belong to him/her, he/she should inform the Principal/ Vice Principal about the articles found and leave the same in the office. Pupils who lose the article may also enquire about them in the School office.
  • Damage to school property, however small, will not be condoned. Stringent disciplinary measures will be taken against such offenders. The parents will have to bear the expenses of the damaged property.
  • Students are answerable to the school authorities for their conduct in and outside the school. Hence, misbehaviour in public places and conveyance justifies dismissal. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience, objectionable moral behaviour and above all discourtesy and disrespect to teachers are each a sufficient cause for dismissal from school.
  • On their way to and from school, students must remember that the school is judged by their conduct. They should greet the visitors and the teachers of the school when they meet them.
  • During the absence of the teacher from class, students must obey the Prefect or Monitor appointed to maintain order.
  • Every student must take part in Physical Training and Games, unless declared unfit on medical grounds or exempted by the Principal. Students are forbidden to join any outside sports organization without permission from the Principal.
  • All students are expected to participates in the games programme. Credit will be given for effective participation.
  • As English is the medium of instruction, students are expected to speak in English at all times.
  • Students should take care not to litter in the premises. Students unduly marring the aesthetic look of the school premises are liable to be penalized.
  • Students are not permitted to consume any wholesome food or drink in the premises or consume such food and drink that are of intoxicating nature.
  • Students must abstain from keeping any weapon, explosives, crackers or inflammable articles.

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  • Pupils who are absent on the first day or last day of any term or who are away from the school for ten consecutive days without permission will have their names removed from the school register and will be readmitted only if there is a vacancy and on payment of the usual admission fees.
  • In case of leave or absence, prior permission from the Principal should be obtained except in cases of unforeseen circumstances for which an authenticated reason should be furnished by the parents or guardians. However, granting leave is entirely left to the discretion of the Principal.
  • Absence from school must be supported by a leave letter from the parent / guardian of the students. If absence is on account of illness lasts for more than three days, the application for leave must be made to the Principal accompanied by a medical certificate from a registered doctor, approved by the school.
  • Students once in school cannot leave the premises without prior permission from the Principal. They should not request for petty leave unless suffering from ill health.

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  • Strict silence should be observed by all in and outside the library.
  • All articles not pertaining to the library should be kept outside.
  • Nobody should enter the library without his/her Library Card.
  • Only one book will be issued per card and no student can take a book on another’s card.
  • Books can be returned only on the respective library days.
  • Books overdue may be returned on any library day, but not without a fine of Rs.1/- per day.
  • If any defects is noticed, when receiving a book, it should be brought to the attention of the librarian.
  • No damage should be caused to library books , nothing should be written inside the books, otherwise corresponding fine will be charged.
  • Books lost must be replaced by the borrower. In case the book is not available, the cost of the book will have to be deposited at the School Office.

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  • While every care will be taken to prevent accidents, the management will not be liable for injuries and accidents sustained by the pupils in the course of everyday activities.
  • The school cannot be held responsible for the security of the pupils before and after the school hours and similarly, the school is not responsible for the safety of the children who stay back to participate in sports and games on their own.
  • The school is not responsible for goods lost. Therefore , it is not advisable to bring valuable articles like expensive pens, watches, gold ornaments etc. to school.
  • If a teacher , by speech or otherwise, seeks to mislead his/her students to activities, deemed objectionable, he/she is liable to be punished for misconduct.
  • The Character Certificate which may be issued to a student when leaving the school will depend entirely on his/her behaviour during the school career. i.e on how he/she has kept the school rules.

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  • The facilities available are conductive to academic pursuits and excellence.
  • The school has big airy and fully furnished class-rooms, well-equipped Laboratories, well-furnised Library with array of books in different subjects and readinnfacilities, Computer and Audio=Visual labs with multimedia projectors.